Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wine Spectator Needs to get a Grip!

As I was reading through the latest issue of Wine Spectator I came upon the Savvy Shopper page. Who are they kidding???? The majority of the wines were around $19 a bottle. Are they serious about calling these bargains? Yes folks they did use the term “Bargain” in the article. I don’t know about you but spending $19 in this economy is going to take a bit of a chunk out of my wine allowance. Now I’m not talking about special occasion wines, that’s different, keep in mind this blog is about every day wines. The article really just got me thinking, aren’t you readers glad you have me to steer you in the right direction. I’m even free versus the $50 Wine Spectator subscription. Don’t get me wrong, WS is a great publication and a great way to brush up on wine knowledge. They just don’t seem to always think much about those of us who find ourselves in new and very different economic situations.
Please do not write in telling me they always list a Best Value wine, yes I know. One wine listed under $10 out of the total 29 they profiled under the Savvy Shopper page.

Ok my little Chickadees it’s time to become scholarly. I think it’s time we add some wine terminology to this blog. Today’s word is Viscosity or legs. After a glass of wine is swirled this is the coating you see on the inside of the glass. The legs slowly run down the side of the glass and are an indication of the alcohol content in the wine. Legs usually indicate a high alcohol content at approximately 13%. So swirl those glasses!

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  1. Agree! I'm looking for inexpensive - really inexpensive - $19.00 doesn't fit my bill either!

    Thanks for the info - keep it coming!