Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Up the Creek……

Cooking was my duty last night. My husband is the cook in the family and I am good at a few things but we just had my meatloaf on Sunday and we’ve had pasta this week so my killer spaghetti is out. I decide on porkchops braised in apple cider, brown sugar with cubes of Gala apples and Acorn squash. What looked and sounded so good in my head has me wonder if I will be up the creek with my dinner plan…. Hmm, think I’ll open a Jacob’s Creek Shiraz/Cabernet 2005. I know that will turn out good.

The color in the glass is a deep ruby and purple color. I detect a strong oak flavor as well ripe plums and berries. The wine is a little dryer than some of the wines I’ve been tasting lately but the tannins are smooth. The Shiraz and Cabernet grapes are blended to create delicious tasting fruit layers with a smooth and lasting finish.

The Jacob’s Creek Winery is located in Australia’s Barossa Valley. The winery gets it’s name from the creek that runs through the valley. The first vines were planted by Johann Gramp in 1847. It wasn’t until 1976 when a 1973 vintage Shiraz Cabernet Malbec became the first wine to be released under the Jacob's Creek label.

So dinner wasn’t all that bad after all. I had a good bottle of wine, great company and I didn’t even need a paddle.

I found this wine on sale for $5.99

Chickadees word of the day:
Tannins – Astringent substances found in the seeds, skins and stems of grapes. Also found in oak barrels. Tannins provide structure, flavor and texture to the wine and provide antioxidants which help the wines in the aging process.

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