Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not all inexpensive wines are created equally tasty and drinkable …..

I learned a valuable lesson in my inexpensive wine experiment last night. Just because a small, trendy grocery chain can sell very drinkable wine for around $2.99 (you know who I’m talking about) does not mean a discount mega mart can sell wine for around that same price and it still be drinkable. Now mind you I do not frequent this particular discount mart but as I am pricing out new monitors I thought it a good idea to check as many options as possible.

As I was strolling along, I came across the wine aisle and thought, hmm, let’s give it a look. I then came across what must be their “house wine” and it was priced as very affordable. I figured if “Chuck” can make decent and inexpensive wine, others can too. I proceeded to buy 1 bottle of each of the three reds they carried, Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz.

Later that evening after chilling a bottle of the Cabernet, I took my first sip. All I can say is even if they were giving this wine away, it’s best to just walk away! It has a flavor that is a combo of Grape Kool-Aid, Grape Tang and perhaps a touch of Turpentine. So I can see, very early on, not all inexpensive wines are created equally tasty and drinkable! How I hate to throw wine good or bad down the sink drain…….

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