Monday, August 10, 2009

Life continues to give me lemons, so I continue to drink inexpensive wines!

So yesterday I discovered a nail in my tire, this after spending $1,200 to fix the AC in my car last week. Good thing, I know there are some good and inexpensive wines out there.

Last night, it was Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin. Zinfandil is not my normal red wine choice but who can resist the name! A lot of my wine shopping not only involves looking at the price but also the name and the label. Sometimes I go wine shopping just based on label alone.

Anyway, I must confess this is not the first time I've had Gnarly Head. The first time my husband and I drank it was when I was avoiding my 20th High School Reunion. I figured the 10th was so dreadful, no need to go back for the 20th! Who knew everyone would finally lighten up and also get liquored up!

Oh well, husband and I had a great long weekend in Mt Dora, FL. Turns out Mt Dora has several wine bars, who knew? This was my first experience with Gnarly Head. I picked up my latest bottle for just $7.99 and it is quite lovely. Tastes of plum, berries and the slightest hint of pepper make this wine extremely drinkable. I give it my "bottoms up" approval and if nothing else, it does have a Gnarly label!

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