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Biltmore Estate Méthode Champenoise Pas de Deux–Sec

Ah, your relationship with your partner has withstood the test of time. You’ve made it through thick and thin, children, dogs, goldfish, ambitious careers or lack there of, intrusive in-laws, etc, you get the picture. Even if you’re no where close to your Golden Wedding Anniversary, is no reason not to celebrate the two of you this Valentine’s Day. The final installment on my Valentine’s Day wines is Biltmore Estate’s Méthode Champenoise Pas de Deux–Sec.

The nose is full of pear and crisp apple aromas. Notes of floral and honey in the flavors reminding me of delicate flowers. The wine is semi-sweet and carries a slight yeastiness but very pleasing. With all those fine bubbles wafting to the top, I’m a happy girl. SRP is $18.99 and can be found at Total Wine and most major supermarkets. For those in the Tampa area, the bigger Publix’s carry a lot of the Biltmore wines.

Varietal – 100% Muscat Canelli
Region – California – Montery, Arroyo Seco
pH – 3.00
TA – 0.65
RS 2.2%
Alcohol – 12.5%

I’ve covered a few other Biltmore wines so I won’t repeat myself on their story but you can find info if you missed it by clicking here.

I know a lot of people feel Valentine’s Day is a contrived holiday sponsored by the candy manufacturers, greeting card industry and florists. But maybe we need to take a day out to show the ones we love, just what they mean to us. In ballet, a pas de deux (in French = steps of two) is a duet in which ballet dancers perform the dance together. As with the Tango, ballet is a carefully coordinated dance, just like relationships. You can’t be in a relationship without coordinating your movements, being in sync with the other person, otherwise you’re both just floating off in space in your own orbits and that can hardly spell togetherness.

Speaking of togetherness, here’s something decadent and fun to do this Valentine’s Day and pairs superbly with the Pas de Deux.

Decadent Biltmore Truffles
Winemakers Suggestion: Enjoy with Biltmore Estate® Blanc de Blancs or Pas de Deux sparkling wines for a festive and decadent treat.
8 ounces semi-sweet chocolate
1 cup heavy cream
cocoa powder or semi-sweet chocolate, as needed
Optional additions: 2-3 tablespoons liqueur, roasted chopped nuts, chopped dried fruit, toasted coconut, fruit jam, peanut butter, sweet potato, caramel topping, extracts or flavorings, etc.

Method: To make the ganache, place chocolate into a bowl. Bring the cream to a boil and pour over the chocolate. Stir together until all is combined and chocolate is melted. Mix in any additions to the ganache you desire. Let the ganache set and scoop into portions and place onto parchment or wax paper. Refrigerate for 10–15 minutes then take out and round into balls. Roll into cocoa powder or coat in semi-sweet chocolate and serve. Makes about 20 truffles.

Truffle Filling Add-Ins
• Instant Coffee Crystals (add to cream, then boil)
• Roasted Chopped Nuts
• Any flavor Liqueur, (Chambord, Bailey’s, Kahlua, Kirsch, etc…)
• Chopped Dried Fruit
• Toasted Coconut and Rum extract
• Extracts or Flavorings (Peppermint/White Chocolate, Almond, etc…)
• Eggnog White Chocolate (replace half the amount of cream with eggnog)
• Finely chopped toffee pieces or cookie pieces

Wow, I think I’m drooling just reading the recipe. Pair with a bottle of Pas de Deux–Sec and celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

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