Thursday, February 17, 2011

2008 Domaine La Hitaire Les Tours

It finally seems like much of the country is starting to break out this winter’s brutal deep freeze! Think it’s time to break out those lighter white wines which brings me to my latest white wine tasting, 2008 Domaine La Hitaire Les Tours.

The aromas were a little nondescript but I did detect a hint of floral. The wine is slightly sweet with abundant citrus, floral and exotic fruit flavors. Finish is short and a little tart. Think the wine would taste better if accompanied with food. Nice creamy brie and salty crackers would pair well.

Located in the "Côtes de Gascogne", Gers, France the winery is run by brothers Armin and Remy Grassa. The two purchased Domain La Hitarie in 1999 and transformed and restructured the 110 hectares wine estate. The wine is a blend of 65% Ugni Blanc, 30% Colombard and 5% Gros Manseng. Grapes are picked in the early morning hours and the bins are lined with dry ice to protect against oxidation. The grapes are then macerated cold between 6-10 hours to extract the flavors. The brothers practice modern wine making methods and all the wines are made in stainless steel tanks.

The wine is crisp and easy drinking and will be a great wine to enjoy in the warm sunshine. Stay positive folks, we’ve passed Valentine’s Day and we’re on the upward slope now. The cold days of winter will soon be behind us and we’ll be fanning ourselves and rushing indoors to the nice cold AC.

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