Thursday, February 24, 2011

2007 Renwood Winery Red Label Viogner

I’m not trying to rub it in to those of you still in the grips of winter but yesterday I had to turn the AC on here in Florida and I’m fighting the urge today. I say I’m not trying to rub it in because living in Florida we spend so much time with the AC running it’s been nice to avoid that bill. I know, you can throw in my face, those of you in colder climates get hit with heating bills. I’ll give you that. In light of these warm temps, I broke out another white wine, 2007 Renwood Winery Red Label Viogner.

Faint aromas of green apple and kiwi. First sip and I was a little overwhelmed by the sweetness but my palate quickly adjusted. Sweet tropical fruits, banana and apricot wash over the palate. The finish is tart and is a nice balance with the high residual sugars. It really is a nice wine that could be enjoyed by any level of wine drinker.

Located in Shenandoah Valley of northern California, Renwood’s devotion to making well crafted wines began in 1993. The grapes are primarily from the Lodi Appellation and the Mohr-Fry Ranch, a small amount of Sierra Foothill Semillon wine was included in the final blend of the Red Label Viogner. The Semillon helps round out the wine and give some body in the mid palate.

Known mostly for their Zinfandels, Barberas and Syrahs the winery has gone from a production of just 2,500 cases to 100,000 cases annually. The wines consistently receive high ratings by wine critics throughout the world. The 2007 growing season was challenging and most likely 2010 will fall under that category as well. The 2007 season brought half the normal rainfall, the snow pack was low and the temperatures were all over the charts. The high heat delayed harvesting as the vines were no longer ripening in an effort to conserve energy. Longer time on the vines was needed to help even out the grape sugars.

The 2007 growing season seems a lot like the weather map today. Temps all over the place, potential snow in San Francisco, tornadoes from Texas to Tennessee. It’s a mess out there. So grab a bottle of wine and just hunker down for the evening.

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