Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2008 Pacific Edge Zinfandel Hell N’ Back

Last week I spoke about Concinnity and how marriage or partnership is a give and take coupled with a healthy dose of understanding. But sometimes you find yourself in a relationship where it seems you do all the giving while your partner does all the taking, leaving you with no understanding of what the hell is going on. We’ve all had them, those relationships that drag you through the mud and to hell n’ back! Pacific Edge’s Zinfandel Hell N’ Back was certainly not a drag through the mud wine but turned out to be something I didn’t hate. It was actually tasty for the rock bottom price of $6.99 at Total Wine.

The nose is filled with cherry and pepper aromas. Bold flavors of cherry, vanilla, blackberries and a touch of spice. Finish is long and reminds me of cherry cola. The wine is medium to full bodied with firm tannins.

Why do we all find ourselves in those relationships that are terrible for us but we can’t seem to break out of. I’m just thankful; those times are behind me, since I have a wonderful husband. But I know there are thousands out there dealing with over jealous girlfriends/boyfriends (had one), those who have no communication skills what-so-ever (had one of those), the drama queens/kings (had a drama king before too).

Here’s a list of things I’d rather do then be stuck in one of those relationships again:
• 12 root canals without Novocain
• Stuck in an elevator with Paris Hilton and her stupid yip yap dog
• Listen to Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas sing Sweet Child O’ Mine for 12 hour (this one is a real stretch).

When I purchased the wine, I almost wanted it to be awful so it would fit in with my hell n’ back theme. I can tell you I do feel like I went to hell n’ back just trying to find info on the winery online. I did find a Pacific Edge Wine and Spirits but no mention of this wine. Same thing for Facebook and there were zero posts to their wall. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of marketing behind this wine. If anyone has info on this winery, please let me know.

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