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James Oatley TIC TOK Cabernet Sauvignon, Mudgee Australia

We all have clocks; internal ones, the kind you hang on the wall or wake up to and the ones that are more in our mind. I recently saw a friend post a comment on Facebook about her 20th high school reunion and how could it have arrived already. Many of us view time as an inevitable and unstoppable measure of periods in our lives. It can be viewed positively as the “good times” we had or in a less positive light as the time that is slipping away. Mostly I only view my time in the slipping away sense when I’m crazy busy and can’t seem to get everything done in the day. Then there’s those days when I watch the clock and wonder if it’s a respectable time to open a bottle of wine. Today is one of those days but since it’s still too early, I’ll just have to think about the bottle of James Oatly Tik Tok Cabernet Sauvignon I had recently. I do feel like time is ticking by on me getting this blog finished so forgive me if it’s a short one this week.

Aromas of black cherry and cassis.  With aromas carrying over to the flavors, the wine is fruit forward with complexity, balance and soft tannins. This isn’t a bold and in your face cabernet but a more subtle wine. This makes the wine feel more sophisticate than your average $15 bottle.

Drink Now to 2016
Alc/vol 13.5%
RS 0.47 g/L
pH 3.56
TA 5.91 g/L
SRP - $14.99

The 2010 Cabernet is a cross-continent blend of cabernet sauvignon grapes grown in Mudgee North Western Australia (66%) and Frankland, WA (28%). Bob Oatley is credited with bringing Australian wine to the rest of the world. His success with his Rosemount Estate Chardonnay, launched Oatley into wine stardom. He also is credited with helping to stock American retail shelves with Australian Shiraz. Having learned agriculture, international trading and markets while working the coffee and cocoa trade market, Oatley’s reach continues to span continents. Robert Oatley wines opened a Petaluma, CA office in 2008, bringing those tasty and affordable wines to the US.

I’ve done a few blogs on James Oatley wines, for more info, click here.

I have a lot of those “good times” memories and maybe that’s what many of us are trying to recapture. While I no longer find dancing until 5:00AM or playing drinking games until the wee morning items very appealing, there is a comfort in knowing I can still enjoy “good times”. Those times now are spent sipping wine while overlooking the countryside at a local winery or exploring the little towns in the NE Georgia.

While time may be passing by, you’re never too old to grab time by the reigns and take charge. My only complaint is there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on my plate.

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