Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blackstone Winery teams up with the Rally Foundation and forms Corks Against Cancer

How often are you actually ordering wine in a restaurant for a cause? Now through the end of the year, when  you purchase Blackstone wines from participating Florida restaurants, Blackstone will donate up to $30,000. The funds will benefit three Florida research hospitals: Nemours Hospital in Jacksonville, Miami Children’s Hospital and Moffitt Hospital in Tampa.

Florida restaurant goers will have more than 100 restaurants to choose from and they’re not just located in the cities with the Cancer Hospitals. With a wide range of cuisines, I saw yummy alligator on some of the menus, and prices it’s a cinch to get your Blackstone wine drink on for a good cause. Go ahead, take one for the team!

Just so you know the funds are going where they should all participating restaurants along with Rally will add up the final tally and ensure all funds go to the three chosen childhood cancer programs.

Even if you don’t live in Florida, you can still enjoy the many varietals Blackstone offers. My latest is the Blackstone Sonoma Reserve Merlot. The Sonoma Reserve isn’t the typical Blackstone seen on the retailer shelves, this one retails for around $20 and has a night and day difference between the $9.99 version.

Aromas are full of spicy vanilla and oak. Plum, coffee and chocolate flavors combine with well structured tannins with a dry finish.

So my love hate relationship with Blackstone continues. For more on that see some of my archive articles here. Seems my relationship may be rekindled thanks to the more gentle and smoother sophisticated Sonoma Reserve line.

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