Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MAN Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon Coastal South Africa 2008

Spying this bargain wine priced at $6.99 at a local liquor store, I had my doubts. Not sure what the name, MAN Vintners, was trying to represent, I had to give into the unbeatable price tag. Turns out it’s not a chauvinistic representation in wine, just the initials of the three owner’s wives, in an effort to get them on board with their new winemaking venture. This was my first revelation; the second was the great tasting juice inside the bottle.

The glass is filled with aromas of oak and red berries. Cassis, red currant, plum and blackberry burst open in a wash of flavor. Tannins are smooth like butter, flavors complex and finish is nice and long. So glad I took a chance on this one.

Located in Coastal South Africa, the area sees little rainfall but with a little intuitive work, crops can produce grapes bursting with flavor. The shale soil provides the grapes with its minerality and complexity in flavors along with aiding in water retention.

Fermentation occurs in stainless steel tanks for five days, the wine is then pressed and goes back into the tank for further fermentation. 50% of the wine is placed in American Oak barrels for 12 months to age. I assume the other 50% remained in the steel tanks for this same amount of time before combining the two when bottling.

This is the kind of wine that can appeal to a wide variety of wine drinkers. It has enough bold tannin for those who like their wines on the dryer side and enough residual sugar to be enjoyed by wine lovers who prefer a little sweeter wine. Holidays are just around the corner, pick up a few of these gems and keep both Grandma and Uncle Harry happy.

My rating -  We'll drink the rest tomorrow.

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