Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big House Red California Red Wine 2008

Sometimes I think my little side line is almost criminal. I get to drink and write about something I love and sometimes I get to do this at no cost to me. I recently had the privilege of sampling Big House Red in the new Octavin home wine bar package. I’m a sucker for clever or different labels, it’s the first thing that draws my eye to the wine, second is the price. Big House wines provide both the great label, affordable price and most important, nice easy drinking wines.

Aromas of black berry and vanilla intermingle with intense flavors of raspberry, blackberry and plums. The wine finishes with a touch of spicy black pepper and a hint of leather and smoke. Though packed full of fruit flavors, the wine is light and smooth enough to enjoy in the hot summer months.

Big House wines, part of the Underdog Wine Merchant portfolio, has a great wine making philosophy: have as much fun as possible, produce wine and wine labels that inspire people (have to wonder about this one, since the labels chronicle criminals and prison) and retain the natural qualities of the grapes. This last one leaves me to ponder on the practice where tainted fruit is processed and impurities are removed. I’m not sure if Big House follows this practice but with the wild fires in 2008 and the smoke flavor in the grape, I think they may not and I’m ok with their choice to leave the smokiness in the juice.

I opened my Octavin wine bar box about 3 weeks ago. I had my doubts the other night when I poured some in my glass but honestly it was as fresh as the first day. These packages are great and very affordable and great for travel. I’m spending a week in Boone, NC to visit my parents next month, I may just put one of these in my suitcase.

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