Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lighten up the summer with Bougrier’s Chenin Blanc 2008 Alfio Moriconi selection

Every year around this time my house enters what I call the “dark ages”. By that I mean, this is the time of year we begin closing the blinds on the west side of the house in an effort to block the afternoon sun and sweltering Florida summer heat both which cause the poor AC to work double time. So how do you lighten up the summer, that’s easy, those light and crisp summer white wines. Lucky for you, I’ve finally found plenty of tasty and affordable whites, to share with you through the summer months. My latest great white wine find is Chenin Blanc 2008 by Bougrier from the Anjou appellation of Loire Valley, France.

The color in the glass is a pale yellow, aromas of pear, peach and green apple signal the start of something good to come. Soft fruit forward flavors packed with pear, honey, apple. The wine is light and refreshing, perfect balance between sweet and dry. The 100% Chenin Blanc grapes used in the wine provide for a champagne or sparkling wine taste minus the fizzy little bubbles.

An ideal wine for sipping and sitting outside in those warm Florida summer evenings. Noticed the website mentioned this meal pairs well with a tropical meal, and any meal consumed outdoors in Florida from May to October automatically qualifies as a tropical meal.

Many of you may be wondering who Alfio Moriconi is, he’s the Vice President of European Buying of Total Wine & More. I have mixed feelings about this one. While I do much of my wine shopping at Total Wine, due to their low prices and my quest to find inexpensive wines, this man represents big conglomerates. While Bougrier’s vineyards is family owned, this bit of information creates a conflict within me. Is he putting his name on the label to sell more wine at his big box retail store? Do all labels contain this info or just the ones that end up at Total Wine & More?

Well, the wine is delicious so I won’t dwell on this inner conflict any further. Many of you know, I’m not much of a white wine drinker but I have found several French white wines to be truly delicious and perfect outdoor wine drinking.

If anyone has any whites you recommend, please contact me, I love to experiment.

My rating – Too good to put down

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