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Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

In many ways the wine industry is similar to the entertainment industry. You have your “it” and “now” people, you know the ones that are all over the red carpet and in the spot light and a few years later, they’re lucky to get a role in a Jennifer Lopez film. I can think of a few wines that have that same “career”, there’s your flashy or cute little critter labels,with good price points and sometimes the stuff ain’t half bad.

A few years later you drink the same wine and wonder, where’s that stellar performance I’ve come to love and expect? Thankfully Chateau Ste. Michelle is not one of those wines but is more along the lines of an Audrey Hepburn, classic tastes that deliver elegance with each vintage.

Aromas of leather and vanilla seduce you into your first sip. Berry flavored fruits, a spicy earthiness combine with dry high tannins and finish with a slight semi bitter chocolate flavor. I think this calls for another take, um, make that another partaking in my glass.

Blend Info:
76% Cabernet Sauvignon
20% Syrah
2% Merlot
1% Cabernet Franc
1% Malbec

Washington’s oldest winery, the estate was built in 1912 and the winery dates back to the days following Prohibition when two then prominent wine companies merged to form American Wine Growers. 1967 saw the birth of their new premium line, Ste. Michelle Vintners and planted their first vines at Cold Creek Vineyards, located in Eastern Washington.

Always on the leading edge of wine development, in 1984 Chateau Ste. Michelle was a leader in obtaining federal recognition of the Columbia Valley as a unique wine region thus naming it an American Viticulture Area (AVA). Combining Old World winemaking traditions with New World techniques, Chateau Ste. Michelle continually receives some of the highest accolades in the industry, including Wine Brand of the Year in 2008.

Chateau Ste. Michelle while priced at $12.99 at Total Wine may top my usual $9.99 price point but the elegance provides for a wonderful wine experience no matter the occasion. Whether you’re watching the latest scandal on TMZ or just sitting in your back yard the wine rises to the occasion.
Try pairing this with a nice blue cheese and crusty bread or even backyard hamburgers with spicy mustard.

My rating – Too good to put down.

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