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LibertySchool Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles 2007

Today’s the day, my husband and I close on our new house set on 3 acres of wooded Georgia land, amidst the NE Georgia Mountains. We’ve been apartment dwellers since moving to Georgia 32 days ago. It’s a two bedroom, two bath but the dining room and second bedroom are jammed packed with boxes and furniture. With the majority of our belongings still in boxes, we’re surviving with the bare essentials and even some of those still have not been located. I find myself opening boxes and fingering my treasured belongings. I miss my possessions and can’t wait until I can liberate them from their cardboard prison and have all the true comforts of home around us. Of course I took extra care to ensure we had a few essentials on hand such as; wine refrigerator, wine collection, two wine glasses and one very important corkscrew. I know it’s a stretch but I felt Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles 2007 tied in well with my quest for freedom for my possessions.

Aromas are full of leather and vanilla. Fruit forward plum and blackberry wash over the palate. Cassis and well balanced tannins all provide for a very well rounded wine. Priced at $9.99, you won’t mind liberating a few dollars to enjoy this wine.

Need another reason to check out Liberty School, how about that it’s family owned and operated by the Hope Family in Paso Robles, CA since 1978. You may even say this is the poor man’s Caymus. As Napa Valley vintner Chuck Wagner of Caymus Vineyards, was in search of Cabernet for his second label, Liberty School, Wagner approached Hope Farms as a fruit source. Growers over the next decade, the Hope family helped build the brand known for quality wine at an affordable price. In 1996, the Hopes established Treana Winery, providing a natural transition for Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon to join the Treana family of wines.

After we close on the house, we’ll head over with those two wine glasses, that one wine opener and a bottle of wine which will be carefully selected, where we will sit on our rocking chairs overlooking the beautiful view. This wine ties in more with our move than I realized. For months my plan was to purchase a bottle of Caymus to celebrate the move into our new house. After some deep and serious waffling, I decided that money would be better spent on a new light fixture for the kitchen, helping to bring it into the current century. While I have second thoughts on spending my money on Caymus, I have no qualms about buying more Liberty School wines.

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