Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tampa's Napa Flair Wine Retailer and Francis Ford Coppola’s Directors Cut Cabernet Sauvignon

There’s something to be said about small independent wine shops. The individual attention they give you and the first hand knowledge of the wines carried in store can be of great benefit to all wine lovers. It’s one of those shopping experiences that can be quite an event. You will rarely receive your prized wine in one of those generic brown bags that are then shoved into a plastic bag. Instead, your wine is wrapped individually in a champagne colored tissue paper and handed to you like a gift. I stumbled across just this type of wine store, Napa Flair right off Sheldon between Tampa’s Citrus Park and West Chase. Feeling the need to celebrate, I found Francis Ford Coppola’s Director’s Cut priced nicely at $22.

The aromas are full of black pepper, cherry notes and hints of leather. Flavors are earthy and full of black cherries and cassis. It has a nice dry mouthfeel but not enough to make your cheeks pucker. This wine is truly spectacular.

While Napa Flair works on their website, Like them on Facebook and receive notices of upcoming events. This Friday June 17 join them 5-7 for a smattering of wines and tasty appetizers. My husband and I will be there.

So what exactly were my husband and I celebrating….I’ve teased this in a few blogs and now it’s official. My husband and I are moving to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. While so many things are still unknown and very much up in the air, I look forward to the challenge and to seeing what this chapter of our life will bring. At this point, our house is under contract, just awaiting the inspection and appraisal before we can finally breath a sigh of relief and begin the packing process. We don’t have housing yet, so if anyone in the Dahlonega area knows where we can get housing for 4-6 weeks while we look for a permanent home, please let me know. It’s going to be a great adventure!

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