Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bougrier Family Wines Cave de la Nantaise Loire Valley Muscadet 2009

I feel like we’re already in the “Dog Days of Summer” and starting to feel a little hum drum. I do have an upcoming vacation but in the meantime, just feeling a little blah. I was hoping a nice bottle of Bougrier Family Wines Cave de la Nantaise Loire Valley Muscadet, could pull me out of my doldrums. It wasn’t terrible but certainly didn’t provide any of the spark I was hoping to experience but still, not a bad summer wine.

Color is light yellow with a green sheen. Citrus flavors along with pear provide for a fresh and crisp acidic wine. Similar to Bourgrier’s Anjou wine but less of the champagne flavor. Definitely on the drier side and the finish is a little like sucking on a lime peel but still nice for these hotter days.

Bourgrier Family winery is the ninth largest wine producer in France’s Loire Valley. The vineyard, Caves de la Nantaise, is located in the Muscadet appellation. The vineyards proximity to the Atlantic Ocean produces light and refreshing dry white wines. Caves de la Nantaise, the third winery in the Bourgrier family line was created in 2008. With two well established wineries, the Bourgrier family decided it was time to branch out onto the Atlantic Ocean coastline.

Did you know, typically in France, Appellation d'origine contrôlée wines are named after their growing region, the name Muscadet is an exception. Muscadet refers to a characteristic of the wine produced by the melon grape varietal. In French they would say: “vin qui a un goût musqué” or “wine with a musk-like taste”.

I picked up just a little of the musk but mostly was hit by the citrus flavors. The acidity and lime tastes pair well with any shellfish. Perfect time to show your support for the Gulf Coast regions not yet affected by the oil spill. Ask your local fish monger if they have any nice Gulf shrimp.

My rating - We'll drink the rest tomorrow.

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