Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sin Zin Alexander Valley Vineyards Zinfandel

Months ago, I tried Seven Deadly Zins and found it most scrumptious. While I can’t afford the other wines in that line, I can afford Sin Zin, an Alexander Valley Vineyard (AVV), Zinfandel. Not sure of the vintage on this one but assume it was between 2006-2008 and purchased for around $12.99.

Leather notes, black cherries, spice and smoky oak waft out of the glass. Bold blackberry flavors up front, tasty vanilla and plum hit mid-palate and strong oak flavors in the end. Tannins, slightly dry create a luscious and well balanced finish. While Zinfandel wines can be chameleons with flavors ranging from spicy fruit bombs and high tannins to tart or soft and smooth flavors, this zin has the classic spicy, bold tannins Zinfandels are known and loved for.

Wine info:
Appellation - Alexander Valley
Grape Varietal - Zinfandel
Barrel Regimen - Aged for 10 months in American oak including 25% new
Alcohol (by volume) - 14%

Produced in California’s Alexander Valley, the land the vineyard occupies was actually once owned by Cyrus Alexander, for who the appellation is named. Purchased by Maggie and Harry Wetzel from the Alexander heirs in 1962, this section of Sonoma County was predominantly prune orchards and pastures. Originally set on raising livestock, the Wetzels began planting grape vines and opened their winery for business in 1975. Today the winery and vineyards are still family owned and run.

The Wetzel Family Estate vineyards stretch from the banks of the Russian River up on to south facing hillsides. AVV produces nearly 20 wines from the 11 estate grown varieties. The estate has approximately 25,000 sq ft of caves where the wine is aged in French and American oak barrels. Current annual wine production is over 100,000 cases.

I firmly believe you can taste the difference between a family owned and run winery versus one of the big conglomerates. Too many times, my favorite wine has been sold to the big guys and my ever so dependable wine fails to deliver the love and caress as it once had.

Here’s to the family owned winerys….cheers.

My rating – Too good to put down.

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