Thursday, April 8, 2010

Santa CarolinaCarmenere Reserva 2007, bad bottle or just plain old bad wine?

Ugh, there are nights when my inexpensive wine trials are disappointing and then there are others that are down right torture. My latest wine, Santa Carolina Carmenere Reserva 2007, was just wrong. In an effort to continue to highlight Chilean wines, I purchased this bottle at the Bottle Rack for under $8. Wines like this should be outlawed.

I won’t even refer to it as an aroma but let’s just call it the odor. Which was that of rotting vegetables. The flavor was even worse, at first it was just a chemical taste but within seconds the back of the palate is smacked with what I can only describe as bad composte. This wine was just awful, probably one of the worst I’ve had in the months I’ve been writing these reviews and I’ve had some pretty bad wines.

Generally even the ones that aren’t so great can be used for some other method other than drinking, but not this one. Down the drain it’s going.

So, this review will be short and not so sweet. Just want to give you enough info so you know to avoid this wine. If you see this wine in the store, run…run fast and run far away. I don’t know if it was just a bad bottle or the wine really is that horrible but I don’t think I’ll buy this one again. I don’t think my stomach can take it.

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