Monday, March 15, 2010

No need to conquer this Conquista Malbec, just sit back and enjoy the wine

I decided I needed to give Argentina a chance to redeem itself after the Don Mazo fiasco so this time I opened a bottle of 2008 Conquista Malbec.

Dark ruby color, Aromas are a bit on the jammy side with hints bell pepper and smoky oak. Creamy mouthfeel with lots of fruit flavors consisting of raspberry and cherry followed by a touch of earthiness. Nice pop in the end as the well balanced flavors and high tannins create a lingering finish. I tried this wine both with and without aeration and it truly benefited from the aeration.

The wine takes its name from the early Spanish Conquistas that settled Argentina in the 16th century. The new land’s hot, arid climate was ideal to wine cultivation. In the late 18th century the Governor of Cuyo in Mendoza, requested Malbec, a classic French grape that was struggling in the cooler climate of Bordeaux, France. Conquista celebrates Argentina’s Spanish heritage and the Spaniards that started a heritage of Argentinean wine cultivation.

Varietal make up:
88% Malbec6% Bonardo3% Shiraz3% Merlot

For $7.99 at Total Wine, this is definitely drinkable and worth purchasing again.
Remember to keep buying those Chilean wines, with yet another earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2, the wineries and the country need all the support we can give. This way, you get to enjoy the wine and help a great wine region and country get back on their feet.
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