Monday, March 8, 2010

Don Maza Cabernet Sauvignon did nothing but step on my toes during our brief Tango

In continuing with my Chilean wine quest, I figured I would branch out to some neighboring countries. Argentina is known for some world class Malbecs and I took a chance on a 2009 Don Maza Cabernet Sauvignon. Maybe the young vintage should have been a clue but this wine was like dancing with an eggplant…no personality.

When I say no personality I also mean, very little to no aromas or flavors. I’m not sure I’ve ever come across a wine that was lacking actual aromas. I’ve had wines with flavors I didn’t care for but not wines that just didn’t have any flavor. If I were doing a worst of, this wine would be on the list.

Aromas in the glass, well none. Flavors intermingle with nothing. Maybe this is a wine for non-wine drinkers. I do get some grapy flavor but it’s very light.

Well, I was able to find a website, may as well cover a little bit about the winery. Let’s start with the picture on the home page of the website, most winery owners and workers have huge smiles on their faces, like they really enjoy what they do. These two guys look nothing but arrogant and pissed off, almost like they’ll kick your butt if you don’t like their wine. Hmm, good thing Tampa is pretty far from Argentina, may have these two thugs showing up on my door step with some grape vines and a crusher.

Oh, let’s checkout the picture gallery. What’s with the wine case/checker board? Are you supposed to buy these on their website? I am looking at the English version of the website, maybe it’s a language thing I’m missing. Nope, I checked out the Spanish version too. Oh well, we may never know the intent of those pictures but if you want to drink wine and play checkers, well now you know where to go.

Well this was fun, hope I don’t have two angry Argentina wine makers showing up anytime soon. Here’s a fun fact: I have the Malbec by this winery at home too, yea, fun times ahead… Let’s hope that wine has a little more to offer.

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