Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Feudo Principi di Butera Insolia Sicily 2010

The weather forecasts promise lower temps and a chance for some much needed rain the remainder of the week. Now if only I could get this same reassurance from my mechanic. Last week his response was the Fourth of July holiday backed everything up. On Monday he and I discovered after a full week the machine shop hadn’t even started work on my part. Now being told car may be ready the day before I’m scheduled to drive up to North Carolina. Oh and the topper, we don’t really know if this is the fix. Ugh, wine take me away!

There was one bright spot to my sketchy Monday, a wonderful Insolia produced by Feudo Principi di Butera, a sample from Zonin.

The color of golden straw evokes images of sunny summer days and warm breezy evenings. Aromas of mango and almond intermingle with flavors of pineapple, peach and more mango. A slight effervescence hits mid palate, the finish is well balanced and delectable. Would make a great pairing to barbecue pork sandwiches, ribs or grilled chicken. A truly wonderful summer wine. SRP $13.99

Feudo Principi di Butera is located in the heart of Sicily and once belonged to noble dynasties. The Insolia/Inzolia grape is grown primarily in Sicily although it can also be found in Tuscany under the synonym Ansonica. Insolia may sound unfamiliar to you but if you’ve tasted Chicken Marsala or Marsala wines, you have been introduced to and hopefully enjoyed the Insolia varietal. The grape along with Grillo and Cartarratto are the three varietals used to produce the fortified wine known as Marsala wine.

Looks like we may finally get some much needed rain, skies are darkening, rumble of thunder in the distance and the wind is blowing through the trees. I sure hope it does make it here so all the vegetation can let out a collective sigh of aaahhh.

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