Thursday, June 7, 2012

Casa Vinicola Zonin Fiano, Prosecco and Vermentino

Morning temps in North Georgia are so cool some days it’s hard to believe it really is June. But as afternoon temps rise, humidity sets in and I’m dripping sweat into my sweet tea, it’s clearly summer. Since our sloping wooded land doesn’t allow for a pool I’m left to seek out swimming holes that don’t require rock climbing skills or leave me feeling like I’m in a scene from Deliverance. The warm temps also have me searching for great summer wines. Not just for front porch or air-conditioned living room sipping but wines that go great with summer foods.

Last weekend we put a few white wines to the test and paired with some of our favorite grilled and smoked meats as well as some indoor prepared meals. Masseria Altemura Fiano Salento 2011, Rocca Di Montemassi Vermentino and Zonin Prosecco, all samples from Casa Vinicola, Zonin USA.

Masseria Altemura Fiano Salento Dry White Wine 2011
A white wine full of tropical aromas of mango, pineapple and peach. Flavors bursting with creamy peach and bright green apple. Lemon finish provides for a striking and well balanced acidity. The wine is light, crisp and refreshing. We paired this wine with Stromboli filled with hard salami, Lebanese bologna, Swiss and provolone cheeses. I know many wouldn’t think to pair a white wine with an Italian food but the refreshing acidity helped to lighten up the dish for summer dining.
Varietal – 100% Fiano
Region – Puglia, Italy
Alcohol – 12.5%
SRP - $18

Rocca Di Montemassi Calasole Vermentino 2010
Floral and green apple aromas. Flavors of unripened white peach, melon, and lime. The Vermentino, a late ripening grape varietal, provides both a crisp and creamy mouthfeel, the best of both white wine worlds. We paired with smoked pork shoulder. The pairing was perfection.
Varietal - 100% Vermentino
Region – Maremma Area, Tuscany Region
Alcohol – 12.5%
SRP - $12.99

Zonin Prosecco
Crisp pear and almond flavors. Dry with just a hint of sugar flavors would provide for an excellent aperitif but the flavors lend themselves to many dishes with finesse.
Varietal – 100% Prosecco
Region - Veneto region
Alcohol – 11%
SRP - $8.99-$14.99
We paired with smoked beef ribs served with a small amount of spicy BBQ sauce. My big revelation and new guilty pleasure, Prosecco paired with salty potato chips. The combo is simply scrumptious.
Watching the fire flies light up the night while swatting at skeeters I welcome summer with open arms. However, I really do wish I could figure out how to put an in-ground pool on the property. May have to just settle for a plastic kiddie pool, maybe one in the shape of a turtle.

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