Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fish Eye Shiraz

Many wine drinkers have cut their teeth on Boone’s Farm. I’m almost reluctant to use the word wine with this brand but that is what’s listed on the label. My preference was Wild Island. Eventually as we mature our tastes do as well and we work our way up the wine ladder. Some of you may have been fortunate enough to start your wine experience on a higher ladder rung and I do envy you but I’m willing to bet the majority of you reading this wine blog started off in the well under $10 range. What I’m trying to say is we all have to start somewhere. I like to call these “wines with training wheels”. They’re not bad wines, just not as complex and usually a little on the sweet side. Fortunately there are many more entry level wines than there were when I was young and my latest sample, Fish Eye Shiraz is a fine example.

Notes of black berry and dark fruits on the nose. Flavors of black berry jam and a hint of spice are nice but the wine is very one dimensional. Perfect if you’re not looking for a wine you have to think about or dissect.

Varietal – Shiraz
Appellation – South Eastern Australia
Acid – 0.75g/100mL
pH – 3.40
Alcohol – 13%
SRP - $8-$10

All Fisheye wines are produced in the small Aussie town of Griffith located in the state of New South Wales. Wondering where they got the name Fish Eye? The Aussie’s say when a fisherman has a good catch, he’s got the “Fish Eye”, knowing where the fish are located and how to gain their attention.

I know this is another short post, next week I should be back to my normal posts. In-laws are here and keeping us busy. For more info on Fisheye Shiraz, click here.

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