Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Climber Sauvignon Blanc Clif Family Winery

My latest wine sample, The Climber Sauvignon Blanc, seemed fitting for my upcoming move to the mountains. While I may not be scaling mountain sides, there are plenty of trails through some steep terrain that will have me “climbing” to reach the top.  As I turn around and let momentum take over and  catch my breath, the thought of my reward will put a smile on my face. What is this reward you ask?  Opening my picnic basket and sneaking some tasty wine into a cup. It is the Bible Belt after all and there are rules against open container, heck some of the areas are still completely dry. Scary, but true!

Fresh, aromatic tropical fruit and citrus. First sip is slightly sweet with flavors of tangerine, as the wine hits mid palate, lime and a hint of pine take over with a nice tart finish. Pairs well with crawfish and pasta with Cajun spice.
Varietal: 80% Sauvignon Blanc, 13% Pinot Gris, 5% Riesling, 1% Pinot Meunier, 1% Muscat

Think the name Clif looks familiar; yep it’s the same family that makes CLIF BARS® and LUNA®. A passion for wine brought the family to Napa Valley where they raise horses, goats, chickens and grapes. Ok, so they don’t “raise” the grapes but they do nurture the vineyards on the property. Practicing CCOF certified organic and sustainable farming fits with the “granola” lifestyle they promote. Calling the property The Clif Family Farm, it serves as a reminder to slow down, breathe deeper and find a more relaxed pace of life. Sounds exactly like what I’m looking for.

I look forward to my move to Georgia as it will bring me a little closer to that “granola” lifestyle. Additional land will provide room to plant vegetables, orchards, raise goats and chickens. A slower more relaxed pace will slowly seep into my brain. Wow, I’m closer to the Clif family than I thought. Sorry to make this one so short but with just two days before the truck is loaded, those boxes aren’t going to pack themselves. Talk to Ya’ll from Georgia!

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